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Economic cooperation between the USA and Bangladesh, particularly in the private sector.

AmCham Bangladesh represents the interest of the entire membership to make ‘doing-business’ easier, more efficient and reliable. We continuously talk to the Policy makers about issues effecting business conduct in Bangladesh. To make these efforts as efficient as possible we have made a number of recommendations to the government and helped successful implementation.

The chamber prides itself on maintaining broad and substantial relations with the Bangladesh and US governments, at both senior and working levels. Many of our members find AmCham Bangladesh to be the perfect platform through which to engage the various levels of governments, helping them make their voices heard when it comes to improving the business environment.


AmCham is a network. We provide Exclusive Networking Possibilities to our members in order to have various opportunities to interact on a formal business level as well as a social level exist through various types of events. Representation in High Level Dialogues, VIP speakers at monthly luncheons, and the annual AmCham Washington Doorknock trip.

We maintain relations with chambers of commerce in the United States and other chambers of commerce or commercial organizations. We work to stimulate the business relationship and create business opportunities, integrating businessmen and executives from different areas of activity through exchanges of experiences and best practices.


We regularly endorse exchange of information between the USA and Bangladesh for greater understanding of economic potentials and opportunities. It is in this highly interactive environment that members simultaneously produce and receive content, which contributes to a consolidated view of realities and trends of the business environment.

If you are unfamiliar with Bangladesh or are looking for more information on the country, AmCham can help get you up to speed. AmCham can provide you with key information on specific business sectors as well as suggestions from AmCham members who can testify on their specific experiences in Bangladesh – the challenges they faced and the paths to success in their various domains of expertise.

Protection & Promotion

AmCham Bangladesh always work on establishing support measures to protect member’s business interest. Advocacy lies in the core of the function of AmCham. We offer members unparalleled access to top government leaders, both in the Bangladesh and the United States. We run these efforts through innovative programs, commercial missions and other policy initiatives. We issue publications and reports that are submitted to key stakeholders.

Our advocacy activities target government officials primarily in Dhaka and Washington, but we also address business issues throughout Asia in response to member needs, including delegation visits to different countries focusing on sectors ranging from finance to manufacturing and infrastructure. We focus our efforts to improve the ease of doing business here in Bangladesh’s long-term prospects and we will continue to play a helpful and constructive role, to speak out on positions of interest to our members, and to be a strong advocate for a better business and economic environment.

General Benefits

The following combined efforts make AmCham an effective force for producing positive changes in the business and investment climate in Bangladesh. Much more work needs to be done and AmCham will continue to play a significant leadership role to secure optimal outcomes our members.

Business Development
AmCham is about deriving the maximum value and getting the most out of your companies’ commitment to doing business in Bangladesh. We offer extensive and credible connections in the business and leadership arenas. You can use this network to connect, communicate and stay on top of specific issues that impact your business- and to be heard on those issues. The Chamber’s strong international company base broadens the business community’s perspectives, interests and actions. Through AmCham, companies work together to make a difference across borders and sectors.

No matter which industry you’re in, AmCham Bangladesh is your business partner. We help our members large and small make the connections they need to establish or grow a business in Bangladesh through Monthly Luncheons, Matchmaking at our Annual US Trade Show, Member Promotional Publications, High-Profile Exposure at Asia-Pacific Regional Events.

Global & Regional Integration
AmCham is also an active member in the Asia-Pacific Council of American Chambers of Commerce (APCAC) which issues position papers and holds an annual Washington Doorknock to engage US government officials issues important for US business competitiveness in the region. Each year AmCham Bangladesh is represented in the APCAC “Annual Business Summit” through delegation comprised of its members which is an unique opportunity to exchange ideas and share knowledge with their counterparts in Asia-Pacific.

Company Exposure
Amcham is the meeting point for the integration of businessmen and executives from different areas, in an ideal environment to exchange experiences and best practices. We facilitate this networking by promoting a series of relationship and business facilitation activities. AmCham members enjoy the privileges to announce their presence through sponsorship of AmCham events, special collaboration programs, and AmCham Quarterly Journal advertising and advertorials.

Professional Development
For AmCham knowledge as a strategic area that stands for the professional expertise represented by our members, the education which in the long-term impacts competitiveness and innovation which can be a unique proposition for attracting FDI. AmCham is in a unique position to synthetize the brainpower of hundreds of experts in a variety of topics and issues. We must leverage this strength, building on our traditionally strong committee network by meeting with high-level speakers, gaining knowledge in a niche area presented by an expert on the matter, directly inform and gain feedback from, business leaders in the corporate community about new marketing campaigns and strategies in Bangladesh.

Corporate Social Responsibility
CSR lies at the heart of every American company. AmCham strives to provide a platform by which we can amplify the work done by U.S. corporations operating in Bangladesh, so that the impact they have on the community that surrounds them, is adequately recognized and celebrated. We also seek to share best practices so that we can deepen the impact of these efforts.